Members of Parliament


Location Name Designation
Constituency 1 - St. George's North Renee Ming Backbencher
Constituency 2 - St. George's West Kim Swan Junior Minister for Youth, Culture and Sport
Constituency 3 - St. David's Lovitta Foggo Backbencher
Constituency 4 - St. George's South Tinee Furbert Minister of Social Development and Seniors
Constituency 5 - Hamilton East Derrick Burgess Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly
Constituency 6 - Hamilton West Wayne Furbert Minister of Transport
Constituency 7 -Hamilton South Anthony Richardson Backbencher
Constituency 8 - Smiths South Vacant
Constituency 9 - Smiths West Vance Campbell Minister of Tourism and Cabinet Office
Constituency 10 - Smiths North Michael Dunkley Shadow Minister for National Security and Health & Seniors
Constituency 11 - Devonshire East Christopher Famous Backbencher
Constituency 12 - Devonshire South Central Craig Cannonier Shadow Minister of Works & Engineering and Tourism
Constituency 13 - Devonshire North Central Diallo Rabain Minister of Education
Constituency 14 - Devonshire North West Wayne Caines Backbencher
Constituency 15 - Pembroke East Walter Roban Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs
Constituency 16 - Pembroke East Central Michael Weeks Minister of National Security
Constituency 17 - Pembroke Central Jason Hayward Minister of Economy and Labour
Constituency 18 - Pembroke West Central David Burt Premier of Bermuda
Constituency 19 - Pembroke West Jache Adams Backbencher
Constituency 20 - Pembroke South West Susan Jackson Shadow Minister of Transportation and Spokesperson for Education
Constituency 21 - Pembroke South East Curtis L. Dickinson Backbencher
Constituency 22 - Paget East Scott Pearman Spokesperson for Finance
Constituency 23 - Paget West Jarion Richardson Opposition Leader, and Shadow Minister of Labour and for the Cabinet Office
Constituency 24 - Warwick South East Lawrence Scott Bckbencher
Constituency 25 - Warwick North East Ianthia Simmons-Wade Backbencher
Constituency 26 - Warwick South Central Neville Tyrrell Government Whip
Constituency 27 - Warwick North Central Lt. Col David Burch Minister of Public Works
Constituency 28 - Warwick West Dennis Lister III Backbencher
Constituency 29 - Southampton East Zane De Silva Backbencher
Constituency 30 - Southampton East Central Jason Wade Backbencher
Constituency 31 - Southampton West Central Crystal Caesar Backbencher
Constituency 32 - Southampton West Scott Simmons Backbencher
Constituency 33 - Sandys South Jamahl Simmons Backbencher
Constituency 34 - Sandys South Central Kim Wilson Minister of Health
Constituency 35 - Sandys North Central Dennis Lister Speaker of the House of Assembly
Constituency 36 - Sandys North Kathy Lynn Simmons Attorney General & Minister of Legal Affairs
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