Members of the Senate

The Senate has eleven members, all of whom are appointed by the Governor - five on the recommendation of the Government Leader, three on the recommendation of the Leader of the Opposition and three (referred to as Independents) by the Governor acting in his own discretion.

Name Designation
The Hon. Joan E. Dillas-Wright President of the Senate
John Wight Independent Senator
Kiernan Bell Vice President of the Senate
Dr. Emily Gail Dill Junior Minister for National Security and Transport
The Hon. Owen Darrell Senate Leader and Minister of Youth, Culture and Sports
Arianna Hodgson Junior Minister for Labour, Finance and Health
Lindsay Simmons Junior Minister for Social Development and Seniors and Home Affairs
Leslie Robinson Junior Minister of Economy & Labour and Public Works
Robin Tucker Spokesperson for Labor, Home Affairs, Health, Social Development and Seniors
Ben Smith Shadow Minister of Education and Opposition Spokesperson in the Senate for Youth, Sports and Community Affairs
Dr. Douglas De Couto Shadow Minister for Finance
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