• Test Your Knowledge - Parliamentary Procedure Quiz

    Answer True or False to each of the following questions 

    1. _______ When a member wishes to raise a matter in the House, he or she must be recognised by the Speaker.    

    2. _______ Our Legislature is unicameral.    

    3. _______ There are 47 Members in our Legislature.   

    4. _______ The Governor has sole discretion on the appointment of all Senators.   

    5. _______ The Senate meets on Fridays.   

    6. _______ Reports, Statements from government departments, authorities and a wide variety of other papers
    presented to the House by being laid upon the table.  

    7. _______ The body of a Bill consists of clauses which are divided into subsections (1), (2), (3) etc. 

    8. _______  Bermuda’s first Parliament convened in St. George’s, our first capital on 1st August, 1620.   

    9. _______  Statutory Instruments are sometimes referred to as primary legislation.   

    10. _______The Government has the right to determine the order on which the Heads of Expenditure are to be
    considered during the Budget Debate.

    11. _______ Parliament consist of the House of Assembly, the Senate and the Cabinet.   

    12. _______ The Premier is the presiding officer in the House of Assembly.  

    13. _______ The Senate is the Upper House in the Legislature.   

    14. _______ Bills may be returned to the House from the Senate.  

    15. _______ The Clerk to the Legislature determines meeting dates for the House of Assembly.  

     Answers to Parliamentary Procedure Quiz