• Panel of Chairman Committee 

    The Panel of Chairman is a committee appointed by the Speaker. The purpose of the Panel of Chairmen Committees is to relieve the Speaker, when Bills are in the Committee of the Whole House. A member of this committee will preside over the the House in the Speaker stead.

    During the Budget Debate the House resolves itself into Committee of Supply, "without questions put", to consider the Estimates, at the end of which the Chairman of the Committee of Supply reports to the House.

    Committee Members  
     Hon. Derrick V. Burgess  - Chairman/ Deputy Speaker  
     Mrs. Renee Ming 
     Ms. Susan E. Jackson 
     Mr. Rolfe P. Commissiong 
     Mr. N. H. Cole Simons
     Ms. Leah Scott
     Mr. H. Kim Swan


  • Did You Know? 

  • During the Budget Debate the House resolves into Committee of Supply to consider the Estimates of Expenditure and Revenue; at the end of the debate the Chairman reports to the Speaker that the Estimates been approved by the House.