• Joint Select Committee on Private Bills  

    The Private Bills Committee has the duty of examining, considering and reporting on:  

    (a)  all Petitions and Private Bills referred to Standing Order 33;  

    (b)  all other Petitions and matters referred to it by either House of the Legislature. 

    Committee Members 
     Hon. Derrick V. Burgess - Chairman  
     Mrs. Renee Ming
     Hon. Michael J. Scott 
     Mr. Jeff Baron
     Mr. Trevor Moniz 
     Senator James Jardine
     Senator Vance Campbell
     Mr. K.R. Scott - Committee Clerk 


  • Did You Know? 

  • The Private Bills committee carefully scrutinizes all Private Bills, to determine whether or not it conforms to existing legal and other criteria. After the committee has reached a verdict they will inform their Parliamentary colleagues by way of an official report, which is read and tabled in the House by the Chairman.