• Joan Dillas-Wright, MBE, JP 

    Vice President of the Senate

    Dillas Wright New PicEmail: jdillas-wright@parliament.bm  

    Mrs. Dillas - Wright has a passion for Healthcare and politics of Bermuda. She now serves as Vice President of the Senate and is an appointed independent senator. She possess both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Mrs. Dillas - Wright attained her bachelors degree from Queen’s University; later she attained her Masters in Science at Indiana University.

    Mrs. Dillas - Wright has worked in the Healthcare field, in  the UK and Bermuda. She had a 30 year tenure with the Bermuda Hospitals Board, serving as Director of Nursing and Administration of the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute, (recognised as a ‘Legend’); also a  BHB Consultant; and CEO, until retiring in 2006. She has additionally served on many local Boards, Committees and Task Forces.

    Mrs. Dillas - Wright was giving the distinguished honour of being awarded the Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) for her contribution to Healthcare in Bermuda. Mrs. Dillas - Wright also has served as a Panelist on the Family Court. Currently she is a member of the Executive and Management Committees of the LCCA.