• Committee of the Auditor General

    This committee consists of five members, including of the Chairman. Some of the duties of this committee are as follows: 

    (a) reviewing annual and any supplementary estimates requested by the Auditor General and make recommendations to the Minister of Finance; 

    (b) reporting to the House of Assembly the potential effects on the Auditor’s ability to carry out his functions in a timely manner of any changes to either estimates, including supplementary estimates, or establishment of the Office of the Auditor from those recommended by the Committee. For a full list of the duties of this committee please see our Standing Orders.  

    Committee Members 
     Mrs. Renee Ming - Chairman  
     Mr. Neville Tyrrell 
     Mr. Dennis J. Lister
     Ms. Leah Scott
     Mr. Sylvan Richards
     Ex Officio Member: Ms. Heather Thomas
     Mr. Clark Somner - Committee Clerk